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Coursera brings human touch to Machine Learning

Coursera is piloting its very first tutoring program with the class that started Coursera, Andrew Ng’s 10 week Machine Learning course. A small group of participants from the previous runs, most of whom scored 100% on every programming assignment have been pre-selected to offer tutoring services. Tutoring sessions will be offered over Google Helpouts, a service that will connect you and your tutor via live video-chat.

At the time of writing of this post, 20 Community Tutors have been selected from high performing students from prior sessions. Tutors are not affiliated with Coursera or Stanford University and the Tutors are not Teaching Assistants from Stanford University. Community Tutors may be free or charge a price, with the paid ones costing upto $30 for a 30 minute session.  Tutor profiles have some information about them, as well as reviews from people they’ve tutored. A $25 free promotional code is made available for the first time users of paid Google Helpouts.

Source: Machine Learning class announcements. List of community tutors can be found here