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Financing Infrastructure in African Cities (Coursera)

Financing Infrastructure in African Cities explores innovative new methods that local governments can use to fund infrastructure projects in their cities. With many cities struggling to cope with an influx of inhabitants they need people who can help them improve the quality of life of their citizens. This MOOC will equip participants with the knowledge to go back to their local governments and make a difference.

The world is urbanizing fast. In less than a century more than 1 billion people have been urbanized. That translates into the fact that more than half of the world’s population is already living in cities. Experts forecast that very soon Africa will become one of the most urbanized continents. However, almost 70% of world’s urban population is living in the cities where governments are struggling to provide basic services like sanitation, schools, hospitals, and adequate clean water.

MOOC trailer: Financing Infrastructure in African Cities

The reason is that, their governments do not have enough money. This may also be true also for the city where you live or work. Poor infrastructure affects your daily life. Local governments struggle with mobilizing finances so that they can improve your quality of life but many times they are not aware of the right mechanisms.

Imagine that your government wants to know how can they finance cities and they want you to advise – where will you begin with? Our finance experts are bringing their experience right at your Desk through this MOOC. This MOOC has five modules and in five weeks you will learn:

• Financial decision making environment in urban systems

• Mechanisms for mobilizing local revenues

• Innovative mechanisms for financing infrastructure projects through partnerships, and

• Financial decision making under uncertainties and risks

We will provide you a carefully selected set of literature, quizzes and interactive discussion forums. So join our MOOC and find out the ways to make your city a better place to live in for yourself and for your next generations.

(This MOOC was developed in collaboration with the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG) and Erasmus University Rotterdam).