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Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business (Coursera)

The world runs computers. From small to large businesses, from the CEO down to level 1 support staff, everyone uses computers. This course is designed to give you a practical perspective on computer security. This course approaches computer security in a way that anyone can understand.

Ever wonder how your bank website is secure when you connect to it? Wonder how other business owners secure their network? Wonder how large data breaches happen? This is practical computer security. It will help you answer the question – what should I focus on?

Who is this class for: This course is for anyone who is interested in learning about computer security – this includes anyone who might be a business owner, a website developer, a help desk technician, an accountant, really anyone! You will learn how computer security impacts everyone and how to start to go about looking at computer security, not as a large, daunting process, but as something that can be approached logically and thoughtfully. At the end of the course, you should be able to understand what kinds of topics you should be discussing with your employees, your family, or your co-workers about security in a practical manner.

Course 1 of 4 in the Cybersecurity for Business Specialization



What is Practical Computer Security

Understand the basics of computer security for business

Graded: Week 1: Practical Computer Security


The CIA Triad

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the cornerstones of security. Do you know how they apply?

Graded: Week 2 – CIA Triad


How we assess risk daily

Risk in business is inevitable. You will explore what risk means and how to assess it

Graded: Week 3 – How Do We Protect Information?


Practical Application of Daily Security

Often times we may not know how to assess our security daily. We may think we are secure when we may not be. This module covers some of the tools, ports, and protocols used in everyday computing to remain secure.

Graded: Week 4 – Daily Security


Attack Surfaces

This is the course project. You will assess attack surfaces and risk based off of the attack surfaces. This will sum up what you have worked on throughout the course.

Graded: Attack Surfaces