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Udacity raises $105M to “Double the World’s GDP”

Earlier this year, in August, Coursera announced a Series C funding round of $61.1M to expand its Specialization program. Not long afterwards Udacity announced that they had reached profitability due to their Nanodegree program.

Udacity announced last week that they have raised a Series D funding round of $105M, taking the company’s valuation north of $1 billion, which makes it a tech Unicorn. So far it has raised $160M dollars (for comparison, Coursera has raised $146.1M).

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Udacity Nanodegree program—credentials designed to give individuals the skills they need to be in demand for jobs that changes their ability to contribute to society and improves their economic future
Udacity President Vish Makhijani 

In an interview in August with Business Insider, Sebastian Thrun was quoted saying, “We want to double the world’s GDP.” The Nanodegree program was announced last year with a tagline of: “Credentials to advance your career, built and recognized by industry leaders.

According to Udacity, in the last year there have been over 11,000 students enrolled in Udacity’s Nanodegree program across 168 countries with just over 1,000 people having graduated with the Nanodegree credential. Currently there are nine Nanodegree credentials available, the latest of which is the “Machine Learning Engineer” Nanodegree, which launched just last week. Find all Nanodegree programs here on BestCerts.

Become a machine learning engineer and apply predictive models to massive data sets in fields like education, finance, healthcare or robotics. 

The Machine Learning Engineer” Nanodegree  teaches key skills like data analysis and artificial intelligence. As with all Nanodegree programs, it costs $200/month and will take around to 10–12 months to complete.